Warm Weather

Warm weather is upon us (hopefully) and for most people it means a happy time. For a large portion of my clients who have eating disorders, spring can mean increased stress due to having to wear clothing that is more revealing. When you have an eating disorder, and are not yet comfortable with your body, it can be difficult to consider wearing shorts, tank tops, and especially bathing suits.

I recommend that you ease into warm weather clothing by practicing wearing shorts around your living space. This can give you a chance to get accustomed to the “feel” of wearing less clothing. Then I suggest going with a supportive friend, who knows how stressful this can be, and running a quick errand together, or taking a walk.

An additional suggestion is to go out and buy a new pair of shorts (or two), and a shirt that is not form fitting and that is more “flowing.” If you are working on recovering and your body has changed, I recommend tossing or giving away shorts and clothing from last summer. Even if you are feeling better about your body, it is hard not to criticize your body or feel bad about it if your shorts fit differently than last year.

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